Replacement Hub Shell Bearings

Replacement Hub Shell Bearings


High precision, custom grease fill, cartridge bearing units for servicing e*thirteen hubs.

Need help figuring out what size your hub requires? All bearings we use have the size shown on the bearing seal. Alternatively, see these support articles which will help you determine what bearing size you need:

Check which bearings your front hub needs by clicking here

Check which bearings your rear hub needs by clicking here.

Here are the bearing sizes found in our most common hubs:

Front Hubs:

6803 - XCX MTN front hub

6804 - Some TRS front hubs from 2019-2021. 

6805 - Fits most TRS, LG1 and SL front hubs also fits legacy non-xcx front hubs. Our most common bearing size for front hubs. 

Rear Hubs: 

6804 - Fits drive side TRS/LG1 Race Carbon Shell, drive & disc side 2014-2018 TRS/LG1 Plus rear hubs.

6902 hub body bearing - Fits non-drive side TRS/LG1 Race carbon shell rear hubs.

6903 hub body bearing - Fits SL rear hub found on all current 2018 TRS Race SL and 2018-2023 TRS and LG1 wheels. This is our most common rear hub.  

When in doubt, inspect the bearing size marked on your existing bearing seal! If you're still not clear on what you need, drop us a line here with a photo of your hub and we can assist. 

What's in the box: 1 Bearing - Bearings sold Individually!

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