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The Optimus 2.4" is designed to deliver confidence inspiring trail traction with lower roll resistance at XC/Down Country weights. The 2.4'' high volume design promises the comfort of burlier trail tires and the same ability to run lower air pressures, but a tread and casing configuration that targets maximum rolling efficiency.  

The Optimus features e*thirteen's Endurance compound, with a firm base layer and center knobs, and softer medium tack sidewall knobs, for minimized rolling resistance, 30% higher durability and wear-life, and biting traction in the corners and off-cambers. Choose between XC and Trail casings. Optimus XC has a single ply 120tpi casing with tubeless insert for ultimate suppleness and dependable air retention. The Optimus Trail casing is single ply 72tpi casing with tubeless insert, but takes advantage of a nylon breaker under the tread for heightened puncture protection and a more supportive feel in rougher terrain. 

The Optimus' tread pattern was engineered with shorter, tightly spaced center knobs, which create a more efficient rolling contact patch through the center tread. This also enhances acceleration and climbing properties. Center knob sipes alternate between parallel and perpendicular to enhance both braking and cornering traction. More widely spaced transitional knobs help to control traction consistency and predictability when transferring through lean angles while self-cleaning effectively. Sidewall knobs are designed with a sophisticated profile to dig into looser terrain during aggressive cornering, and hook up on off-cambers. Horizontal upper sipes and arched cutaways with accordion side sipes help to improve flexibility in uneven terrain, while controlling sidewall knob deformation and roll-over at high lean angles. 

The Optimus 2.4" is here to make your next ride longer, faster and more fun.

  • Available in XC or Trail casings
  • Help efficiency and climb and extend range
  • Endurance compound adds to efficiency and  30% longer tread wear
  • Low roll resistance design
  • Trail capable traction with XC weight

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    Product Spec

    Tubeless ready for 29 and 27.5” wheels
    Endurance: Medium tack 50a side knobs, harder 56a center and base compound for better tread wear life and faster rolling.
    XC: 120tpi single ply, tubeless insert
    TR: 72tpi single ply, tubeless insert, Nylon breaker under tread
    Nylon Breaker: Increases tread puncture resistance and air retention
    Tubeless insert: Increases sidewall air retention
    27.5", 29"
    29”: XC/ENDURANCE - 812g TR/ENDURANCE - 852g
    27.5”: XC/ENDURANCE - 698g TR/ENDURANCE - 766g

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