Tired of the Mystery? Let us help! Here's the breakdown on all e*thirteen tires.

A wall of tires in a bike shop can be intimidating to sort through when it's time for a new tire. They all look similar. How do you choose? Why do the different widths matter? Front or Rear tread?

Let us help make your choices easier. Here's our in-depth guide on what goes into an e*thirteen tire.

Before shopping:

Note what wheel you have. Is it a 29er, a 27.5”, 26” or something else? If you know your rim’s inner width, this can help you pick the best width tire for optimal profile. If you’re not sure, fear not. It’s not 100% necessary.

  • A 27mm internal width rim provides the best profile for tires up to 2.4” wide.
  • A 30mm internal width rim provides the best profile for tires 2.3-2.6” wide.
  • A 35mm internal width rim provides the best profile for tires 2.4-2.8” wide. 

The next thing to sort out is what level of flat protection you’d like (determined by the casing) and how much stickiness you want to the grip (determined by the rubber compound). Generally, the more flat protection, the more layers the tire has and the heavier it will be. Weight is definitely important but is only one factor to look at. The added protection that you get from these features can be worth the extra grams for peace of mind bombing down the hill. 

We currently offer four tire models in a variety of casings and compounds to meet your needs. All of our tires work whether front or rear, no specifics here for that. We like to keep things simple.


Our three compound configurations are MoPo, Control and Endurance.

  • Choose Mopo Compound for the ultimate soft, tacky grip.
  • Choose Endurance for fast and durable.
  • Choose Control for a perfect “in between” from Mopo or Endurance: fast and durable but with more tack.

Pro tip: While our tread patterns can be run either front or rear, you may want to run different compounds to give you different traction. A good rule of thumb is to have a stickier tire in the front and a faster rolling tire in the rear. It can also be helpful to run a tire with slightly more traction in the front for maximum grip. A popular combo for here in California is a Grappler MoPo in the front and an All Terrain Control or Endurance in the rear. If you're doing more trail riding than Enduro so you don't need quite as much grip as a Grappler, you may want an All Terrain MoPo in the front and Control or Endurance rear. If you like a little more maneuverability, run an All Terrain up front and an Optimus in the rear. 



Our casing configurations are a bit more complicated, but for good reason. Rather than being specific to the tire model, the casing options are determined by the use case. Here you’ll find features like sidewall protection, tubeless inserts for extra support, and whether a casing is single ply or dual ply. We use strong Aramid fibers in our sidewall protection to stand up as much as possible to flats.


So now that you understand the casing and compound options a bit better, how do you determine which model tire you’d like? Let’s break down each model to help clarify.

Grappler 2.5" Tire - Ultimate Grip in Aggressive Terrain

Casings: Enduro, Downhill

Designed to tame the most technical trails, the Grappler’s generously spacer center tread digs into the chunder as well as distributes knob pressure evenly across the tire patch for ultimate grip even on the steepest slabs. The intermediate knob generates a smooth transition into the hard biting side knobs. Accordion sipes allow for the side knobs to find their home in uneven, rough terrain.

  • Tread designed to give the most bite and control in loose, loamy or wet conditions
  • Knob designs engineered to reduce fold-over for positive cornering at aggressive lean angles
  • MoPo, our softest and slowest rebound compound, let's riders attack wet roots and slick rock with confidence and control
  • Casing options allow riders more sidewall protection or lighter weights depending upon preference

Optimus 2.4” Tire - Supple, Fast Rolling, and Efficient 

Casings: XC, Trail

Optimized for long days in the saddle, the Optimus’ fast rolling center tread and supple casing is all about efficiency and comfort. When the terrain gets a little rowdy, the hard biting intermediate and side knobs keep things under control in the corners and off camber.

  • Faster rolling tires for efficiency and speed on the climbs
  • High volume 2.4" casing and unique tread let's the rider push descents with the control of a trail tire
  • Special Endurance compound offers 30% more tread life

All Terrain 2.4" Tire - The King of Versatility

Casings: Trail, Enduro, Downhill

All Terrain basically says it all - This is a do all tire that will shame most competing tires in their more focused conditions. Efficiency was the goal with this tread along with extreme turn angle and braking traction. If you’re looking for a trail tire that can do from the hardpack trails of SoCal to the mossy loam up in B.C. and hold it’s own, the AT is ready to satisfy.

  • Tread designed to excel in every condition - delivers confident control no matter the conditions
  • Compound and Casing options to support you with the best configuration for your needs

Zeppelin 27.5" 2.7” Tire - eMTB Rear Grip and Support

Casing: Emtb

Engineered for mullet ebikes, the Zeppelin tread and casing provide grip and support at lower inflation pressure. The knob spacing allows for even pressure and better wear, making it the perfect blend of performance and longevity required for modern ebikes.

  • Aggressive tread design for the added weights and power of eMTB trail riders
  • More supportive e*spec 2.7" casing helps take hits and transfer ebike toque to the ground for more efficient climbs
  • Endurance compound extends tire life by 30% without compromising control
  • Casing options allow riders more sidewall protection or lighter weights depending upon preferences

We hope this clears things up a bit. If you're still unsure what to run, reach out to us at support@ethirteen.com with your riding style and conditions. We're happy to help!

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Curious how tires are made? Check out this video: https://freehub.com/videos/made-love-e13