XCX Race Carbon Gravel Wheels


You never want to get stranded by your gear, especially on your adventure ride. At e*thirteen, we know how to create the optimal blend of performance and reliability from our mountain bike racing heritage.

Carbon rims carry a lifetime, no questions asked, free warranty replacement. Things sometimes break, especially when riders push the limits. Mistakes happen when those limits are pushed, so we’ve engineered the carbon rims to maintain a tubeless seal if you do manage to crack one.

Adventure rides can have heavy consequences on equipment. Unexpected gifts like sticks in the spokes or a bent derailleur hanger sending your chain into your spokes, our aluminum hub axle allows for simple, tool-free on-the-trail maintenance. A unique, captive endcap thread ensures the cassette and freehub body won’t fall into the dirt when the rear wheel is removed.

For optimal reliability, redundancy is critical. 6 bolt brake rotor interfaces of superior reliability can be easily maintained with a multi-tool.

XCX Gravel Wheels
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Product Spec

Aluminum rear axle with tool-free removal and captive-thread endcaps.
IW24 Raw unpainted carbon
Compatible with 32-57mm tire width. 38-47mm is recommended for optimal tire profile.
24 hole
27 points of engagement for lower drag in higher-speed situations
Easy Tubeless Setup with shallow, comfortable rim profiles. Tool free rear hub axle removal. Taped with included valves installed.
Freehub Mount
XDR™, HG™ or N3W™
Front: 100 X 12/15, 6-bolt Rear: 142 X 12. 6-bolt
12mm and 15mm endcaps, spare spokes and nipples. Tape and valves installed.
Front 700c 12/15x100 mm Rear 700c 12x142 mm
Double butted Sapim spokes/Alloy nipples
Single wheel weight w/valves + tape
Front: 570g
Rear XDR: 690g

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