XCX Race Gravel Wheels

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You never want to get stranded by your gear, especially on your adventure ride. At e*thirteen, we, from our mountain bike racing heritage, know how to create the optimal blend of performance and reliability.

Carbon rims carry a lifetime, no questions asked free warranty replacement. Things break sometimes, especially when riders push the limits. Mistakes happen when those limits are pushed so we’ve engineered the carbon rims to fail but maintain tubeless seal.

Adventure rides can have heavy consequences on equipment. Unexpected gifts like sticks in the spokes or a bent derailleur hanger sending your chain into your spokes, our aluminum hub axle allows for simple, tool-free on the trail maintenance. A unique, captive endcap thread ensures the cassette and freehub body won’t fall into the dirt when the rear wheel is removed.

For optimal reliability, redundancy is critical. 6 bolt brake rotor interfaces of superior reliability and can be easily maintained with a multi-tool.

XCX Gravel Wheels
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Product Spec

Aluminum rear axle with tool-free removal and captive-thread endcaps.
32-45mm tires
24 hole
Easy Tubeless Setup with shallow, comfortable rim profiles. Tool free rear hub axle removal. Taped with included valves installed.
Freehub Mount
XDR™, XD™, HG™ or Microspline™
Front: 100 X 12/15, 6-bolt Rear: 142 X 12. 6-bolt
12mm and 15mm endcaps, spare spokes and nipples. Tape and valves installed.
Double butted Sapim spokes/Alloy nipples
Rim: 320g Wheelset: 1280g

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