Riders gravitate toward the experiences that stir their emotions most. We design product to keep the feels flowing, ride after ride. We recognize not everyone has their eye on specialty bikes, but luckily today's bikes are so capable you can have a single bike that can serve up downcountry to enduro rides with ease. For these reasons, e*thirteen components are designed to be cross compatible with riding experiences to set you up to expand your riding horizons whenever you choose. Our legacy was forged in solving for rider needs in World Cup Downhill and we are committed to bringing that same passion and committment towards Enduro, Trail, XC and Gravel riders.


e*thirteen's heritage and legacy are rooted in Downhill Racing, from producing the winningest chainguides on the World Cup circuit, to our legendary LG1 DH wheels that not only make it through the roughest weekends unscathed, but also through the brutal training rides during the weeks between events, too. We test everything we make diligently in the lab, in the mountains, and under the World's top athletes, to offer our customers and partners the best durability, strength to weight ratios, performanc, and value your money can buy.

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Whether getting off the plain for you dream destination weekend of park riding, waiting in staging for your first race, or climbing towards a black diamond drop-in chasing another podium, the last thing you should be thinking about are your components. At e*thirteen we took decades of experience engineering race winning World Cup Downhill components, and added a passion for weight optimization through advanced materials and testing. The result?... an industry leading Enduro line you can trust, train and win on.

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Every trail is what you make it. e*thirteen makes it possible to push your limits on every trail, with confidence that your bike is both light weight and heavy duty. We've tirelessly engineered our line of Trail components to ensure the utmost in performance and compatibility, without a single gram wasted. After that, we test it all for gravity standards to ensure the only thing holding you back is you.

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Cross Country

Cross Country has come a long way, and e*thirteen's line of XC components has evolved to open doors to more technical terrain and to take it to the next level. Equally at home on World Cup XC race rigs and svelt downcountry or light weight short travel trail bikes attacking epics, our XCX components blend the World's lightest weights with the strength, durability, and performance you've come to expect from e*thirteen. With XC components, you can enjoy the climb, and descend with an open mind and confidence.

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When most people think of E-MTB, they think of bikes that can do it all. At e*thirteen, this is how we approached the engineering of our unique line of e*spec components. Our ebike prodcuts are tough enough for endless pedal assisted shuttle runs, and as rugged as you can tame, while performing flawlessly under the loads and torques of today's gravity e-bikes. All this managed within weights that keep your dream machine nimble and responsive for the most fun factor and purity, where you want it most. Testing is taken to the next level to make sure every part with our e*spec logo delivers top-notch performance and industry leading safety and durability.

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Grinding dusty backroads, bikepacking in the backcountry, or keeping your fitness while the trails are drenched in rainy season, Gravel means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Key design and performance aspects are shared by all though, and its the common desires of weight optimization without compromising reliability and ease of serviceability that hit highest on the list. e*thirteen took everthing we've learned from decades of engineering, racing, and riding on dirt, and put it into the creation of a unique line of Gravel components which allow you to focus on the experience of the journey, and bring home stories of your epic ride succesfully.

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"I love our XCXr Gravel wheels, they're ridiculously light and awesome."

Greg T. (e*thirteen engineer)

"Ya'll have some of the best carbon cranks on the market."

Zain W.

"Every service interaction I've had with e*thirteen has been amazing. Your team really has customer support and care dialed like no other company I've dealt with before."

Alejandro B