Tubeless Bundle


Spend more time crushing the trails and less time worrying about flats.

Great for first time setup or refresh, our sealant and tape are engineered for success and our lever kit makes mounting or repairing tires easy. Pair it with our Quick Fill Plasma Valves and you'll be set up for tubeless in no time, without the mess.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x roll MTB 8m Tubeless Tape
  • 1x 1000mL Tire Plasma Sealant
  • 1x 100mL Direct Inject Tire Plasma Sealant
  • 1x Tire Lever + Plug Repair Kit - Black

Great sealant makes tubeless setup effortless and seals punctures before you even know they've happened. Our Tire Plasma is a uniquely compounded acrylic resin with self cross-linking properties. It's designed to provide quick and efficient puncture blocking to prevent the loss of air pressure. It's non-toxic, cleans up with water, and it won't break the bank to seal up your tires.

Our Tubeless Tape stretches for easy installation, provides a double layer of adhesive for maximum adhesion and a snug valve fit, resists tearing, and doesn't leave a residue when removed. Comes in perfect widths for e*thirteen rims.

Our Tire Lever + Plug Repair Kit is a combination of 2 sturdy composite tire levers which encase a tire plug needle and 5x3.5mm self-adhesive plugs. They’re some of the toughest levers on the market, act as a comfortable handle for the tire plug needle,  and include 4 sizes of spoke wrenches for spoke tension adjustments on the fly.

    Bundle price saves 20% over buying individually.

      *e*thirteen Tubeless Tape is designed specifically for use with MTB tire pressures - Max 50psi with 2 wraps of tape.

      Sealant Specs:
      • Latex and ammonia free.
      • Seals up to 8mm holes instantly (MTB)
      • Seals up to 6mm holes instantly (Road)
      • 26 month shelf life from date of production
      • Excellent air retention
      • Can be air shipped safely
      • Recommended top up every 3- 5 months, depending on riding environment, temperature or after having cycled +_ 1000 km
      • Won’t freeze up to -15 degrees Celsius
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      Product Spec

      Includes 1x roll MTB Tubeless Tape, 1x 100mL Plasma Sealant, 1x 1000mL Plasma Sealant, 1x Tire Lever + Plug Repair Kit
      Tape roll is 8m long (2 wheels)

      Tech Info

      Guaranteed to be free from
      defects in materials or workmanship
      for 5 years after original purchase