Replacement Freehub Body Kit - Grappler, Sylvan, Optimus, Piedmont

Replacement Freehub Body Kit - Grappler, Sylvan, Optimus, Piedmont


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Replacement freehub bodies to fit e*thirteen hubs. Replacement drivers are available for our newest line of wheels: Grappler, Sylvan, Optimus, and Piedmont. Offered in Sram™ XD™, Shimano™ Microspline™ and the traditional splined 10/11 speed Shimano™ HG driver.

3-Pawl / 6°: Grappler DH, Grappler Enduro, Grappler e*spec Enduro, and Sylvan e*spec Wheels intended for gravity disciplines or e-MTB use, come equipped with 3-Pawl drivers (or freehubs), in which all 3 Pawls engage simultaneously. This provides 60 POE or a relatively low 6° engagement and high levels of reliability in high torque and heavy impact environments. It also minimizes the pedal kickback which is more pronounced in bikes over 150mm travel, especially during high-speed descents on rough terrain. 

4-Pawl / 3°: Optimus Trail, Sylvan All Mountain, and Piedmont Gravel Wheels utilize a 4-pawl driver, in which the pawls are clocked to engage two at a time. This doubles the POE, to 120 points of engagement with the same robust 60T ratchet ring, or 3° engagement. In All Mountain, Trail, and Gravel applications, this provides long-term reliability, with the added efficiency to optimize long days of climbing and descending. With shorter travel bikes, pedal kickback is a less common problem, allowing a greater focus on efficiency.

See compatibility information below.

Looking for freehub bodies for our LG1, TRS, or XCX wheels? Click here.

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Product Spec

- TRS/LG1/SL Drivers are compatible with all TRS and LG1 series models as well as current E*Spec Plus Hubs

- XCX MTB Drivers are only compatible with 2019- Current model year XCX Race MTB Hubs (Not compatible with XCX Gravel Hubs).

- E*Spec V40 Drivers are only compatible with our E*Spec Race hubs which use a large outboard driver bearing.

- XCX Gravel Drivers are only compatible with 142mm XCX Gravel hubs (Not compatible with XCX MTB Hubs).
MTN, 60 Points/6 Degrees; Gravel, 27 Points/13 Degrees.
Drivers will only work with e*thirteen hubs
Freehub, Pawls x3, Spings x3, Washer x1, Seal x1
SL / TRS / LG1 / XCX Drivers 80-112g
e*SPEC Drivers 128-138g

Tech Info

Guaranteed to be free from
defects in materials or workmanship
for 5 years after original purchase