Quick Fill Schrader Tubeless Valve


e*thirteen’s Quick Fill Valves are a game changer in the world of tubeless wheel systems. Renowned for their unique 4-part design, sealant doesn’t pass through the valve core- instead it injects directly from the bottle nozzle into the tire without breaking the tire bead or needing any tools. No stress or mess.

No matter how good a Presta valve is, there will always be those of us who lament the days of Schrader valves with their long-lasting durability, high airflow, and compatibility with air compressors (without an expensive chuck). Quick Fill Schrader Tubeless Valves finally bring the best of both of these worlds. Sharing the same CNC alloy base as our Presta version makes them compatible with standard Presta drilled rims as well as tire inserts. Schrader valves allow higher air flow than Presta, are less likely to clog, and the larger diameter makes them less vulnerable to impact damage.

No more tiny valve core pins to bend and nuts to check if tight and sealing. Valve cap end is the right size to depress and release air as well. Available in the full Helix color range for beautiful builds with e*thirteen stems, cassettes, cranks, and chainrings, they also come in two sizes to fit almost any rim on the market. 

Watch Tubeless Tire Maintenance Made Easy with Aaron Gwin.
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Rocket Pop (blue, silver, red), Eggplant, Naranja, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Black
Tubeless valve x2
Short stem: 16-24mm (fits e*thirteen Grappler/Sylvan/Optimus/LG1/TRS/alloy XCX rims)

Long stem: 23-31mm (fits e*thirteen Piedmont/ XCXr rims)

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