Race Alloy Hubs


Race Alloy hubs are designed to deliver low drag, high reliability, and excellent sealing from the elements. They're meticulously optimized for strength-to-weight ratio, meaning exceptional gravity durability without a hefty weight penalty. Flange angles and spoke hole designs have been improved for precise spoke/nipple alignment, reduced spoke hole stress, and increased wheel longevity.

We incorporated our proven 60-tooth ratchet and pawl system, which has been refined over the last decade. The 60T ratchet ring tests exceptionally strong and durable, with teeth of sufficient size to ensure flawless engagement and long wear life. 3-pawl / 6-degree engagement provides quick, reliable accelerations and minimized pedal kickback with long-travel bikes. 4-pawl / 3-degree freehubs are cross-compatible and available separately for those that prioritize pedaling efficiency. New Alloy Seal Shields on all freehubs enhance durability and protection from the elements. Rear hubs feature e*thirteen's proprietary "Floating Thread Alloy Axle System", which minimizes preload drag and allows for easy tool-free service. For those that are particularly hard on hubs, steel axle kits are also available separately. 

All e*thirteen hubs are backed by a 5-year warranty, including 1 year warranty on bearing service kits to keep you rolling smooth and fast no matter how many vertical feet you consume.

3-Pawl / 6° freehubs provide 60 POE or a relatively low 6° engagement and high levels of reliability in high torque and heavy impact environments. It also minimizes the pedal kickback which is more pronounced in bikes over 150mm travel, especially during high-speed descents on rough terrain. 

The unique Floating Thread Axle System offers multiple benefits and solves common problems with bicycle hubs. Axle end-caps conveniently thread on and off by hand, without creating the preload on bearings, minimizing system drag in the rear wheel and helping to even the bearing load, improving longevity. They also allow for simple, tool-free hub service. 

Exclusively engineered for e*thirteen's DH rear hubs, the DH 7-SPEED INTEGRATED CASSETTE melds seamlessly with the DH hub. This innovative design significantly trims weight and parts count, optimizing the drive system's compactness. 

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Product Spec

Front: 110x15mm
Rear: Boost 148x12mm, Super Boost 157x12mm
Available in both 28h and 32h configurations
Configured with 3-pawl / 6-degree engagement. 4-pawl / 3-degree options available separately.
Freehub Mount
Configured with XD® driver. MS® and HG® options available separately.