Hub Axle Kits


Replacement rear hub axle & bearing kits for your e*thirteen hub. These kits include everything except the freehub body and hub shell.

You can find freehub bodies here

Need help identifying which kit you need? See our hub ID page here.

What's in the box: Axle, axle reducer, bearings (x2), applicable washers/spaces, and endcaps.

*Our SL hubs are the most common and are currently found on all levels of TRS and LG1 wheels, as well as 2021 and newer base- and plus-level e*spec wheels.

*Our V40 e*spec hub is found on all e*spec Race wheels and older, (2019/2020) e*spec base- and plus- level wheels.

*DH Axle Kits come with 150mm, and 157mm endcaps

For older legacy hubs needing parts not shown on the this page, please reach out to us here.

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