Grappler Mid Spike Mud Tire


Bring on the chunder.

Most midspike tires only do well in muddy conditions. The Grappler Mid Spike emphasizes suppleness and the ability to conform to terrain, unlike any other mud tire. The result is a tire that performs not only in the mud but also handles roots and rocks.

The 29”/ 27.5” x 2.35” Grappler Mid Spike has a purpose-built and supple 90tpi x 1.5-ply construction, under-tread reinforcement, and apex sidewall inserts. The tread utilizes e*thirteen’s proprietary Mopo compound: our softest, stickiest, slow-rebound rubber. The widely spaced, angled, and offset tread pattern sheds mud quickly and punches through dirt while still providing consistent support and traction leaning into turns. Siping on the pyramid center and sidewall knobs work in harmony with the supple casing, conforming to the terrain to maximize cornering and braking grip.

Tread Features:

  • Center Knobs: Spiked tread design for the most control in muddy or loose conditions. Knobs can be easily trimmed for racing.
  • Shoulder Knobs: Designed to punch through the chunder but still maintain control on slippery roots and rocks.
  • Under tread breaker ply helps prevent punctures and improves tubeless performance
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Product Spec

Tubeless ready for 29 and 27.5” wheels
e*spec compatible
Mopo: Highest-tack, slowest rebound 42a compound across the all tread for the ultimate grip
Dual Ply 90tpi x 1.5-ply construction with Apex DH Inserts / Nylon Breaker / Tubeless Insert
29" x 2.35", 27.5" x 2.35"
29": 1265g
27.5": 1225g

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