Vario™ Dropper Lever


The Vario Dropper Lever is the perfect complement to our new Vario Infinite Dropper Post.. or any cable actuated dropper seatpost! The angle-adjustable paddle pivots on dual cartridge bearings allowing for a smooth and light action, while grip tape on the paddle ensures no-slip operation.

  • The Vario lever is topped by a durable aluminum body. It's Matchmaker™ compatible, and perfectly integrates with all common brake levers.
  • The Vario body allows for custom setup with three different clamp mounting positions to match rider preference and cockpit configuration. 

Need more info? Check out the Loam Wolf's in depth review on e*thirteen's Vario™ Dropper Post. 

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Product Spec

Stealth Black
Works with any cable-actuated seatpost that requires cable anchor to lever. Matchmaker™ compatible.
Adjustable paddle with grip tape
Matchmaker™ compatible
Alloy body with three position mounting
Dual bearing light action blade
Cable anchored at lever
Dropper lever w/ bar clamp
Cable & housing, 2000mm
Bar clamp, or Matchmaker™ mount.
Vario 1x lever 73g

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