LG1 7 Speed Integrated Cassette


Complete replacement LG1 DH 7 Speed Cassette/Integrated Driver. Now with an updated nickel coated finish and wider 9-24T range. By integrating the driver into the cassette itself, we were able to eliminate approximately 12mm of unused space between the cassette and the hub flange, creating a near-dishless wheel that's stronger than competitors wheelsets by a longshot.

Offering 266% range, this cassette is a factory replacement for all LG1 DH 150/157mm Hubs/wheelsets that have the integrated 7 speed cassette (not compatible with other hub models). Our industry exclusive 9t cog allows for more range without just making the biggest cog bigger. It also means you can run a smaller chainring than with competitors cassettes, allowing for greater ground clearance.

*Note: Our 7 Speed Cassette works with 10 and 11 speed chains from both Shimano™ and SRAM™.

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Only compatible with e*thirteen LG1 DH 7 speed specific Downhill hubs.

Our 7 Speed Cassette works with 10 and 11 speed chains from both Shimano™ and SRAM™

60 Points/ 6 Degree Engagement
Integrated cassette/driver allows for a wider hub flange spacing on our LG1 DH Hubs and a stiffer/stronger wheel. Cassette cogs are now nickel plated to help with wear and also feature an update wider 9-24T gear range.
Freehub Mount
Integrated Driver
LG1 7spd Downhill
Cassette/Driver with Pawls and Springs, Dust Seal and Grease Packet
Nickel-plated Steel
9-24: 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 24
9-24: 225g

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