Top Cap & Headset Spacer Kit


Level up your ride with e*thirteen's Top Cap & Headset Spacer Kit! Reduce weight and add high-end style while fine tuning your cockpit. Experience increased strength and performance with an anodized alloy top cap and 7075 AL bolt. The lightweight, low-profile alloy top cap integrates perfectly with e*thirteen stems, but is equally at home on most stems on the market. 

Bolts are brilliantly anodized in colors to match e*thirteen Plus stems and other components. T25 hardware means single tool adjustments of any part of your e*thirteen bar/stem assembly. 5 black anodized alloy headset spacers in multiple sizes allow the ultimate flexibility in rise adjustment.

Reach your peak and unlock your dream machine!

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Product Spec

Black Top Cap with Steerer Bolt anodized in Bronze, Naranja Orange, Eggplant Purple, Sterling Silver, or Black
Discrete Black-on-Black e*thirteen laser logos
Top Cap, Steerer Bolt, 1x10mm, 2x5mm, 2x3mm Black Anodized Alloy Headset Spacers
7075 AL Steerer Bolt
34.8mm diameter
T25 bolts