Helix Race 11-Speed 9-46T Cassette


Helix Race 11-speed, 511% Range, 370-Grams

More Range, Less Weight
The HELIX Race Cassette is an upgrade to any SRAM™ or Shimano™ 11speed drivetrain, with more range than other cassettes on the market. The 9 tooth cog lets you step down one chainring size while keeping the same top end gearing and provides not only better ground clearance, but an overall lighter drivetrain.


  • Compatible with SRAM™ and Shimano™ 11 speed drivetrains
  • 2-piece design allows for replaceable aluminum cogs


  • Reduces un-sprung rear wheel weight for improved suspension function and handling
  • Excellent shifting with Shimano™ and SRAM™ systems without compromise
  • e*thirteen’s wider range and 9 tooth cog allows riders to run a 2 tooth smaller chainring for more clearance and reduced weights
  • Extend the life of 11-speed components by adding gear range to an existing bike


*Hope XD drivers are undersized at the clamp location and require a Cassette Shim Kit.
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Product Spec

Freehub Mount
XD™ and XDR™ Drivers Only
1 aluminum cogs, 10 steel cogs. PVD finishing on Intergalactic model improves durability and wear life.
9-46T: 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 24, 28, 33, 39, 46
11 Speed
370 Grams

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