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e*thirteen tires are an undiscovered gem for some and a competitive advantage for those in the know. Freehub magazine goes behind the scenes and profiles our tire design and manufacturing. Take a closer look at the highly skilled people, techniques, and manufacturing intricacies involved in making some of the best downhill, enduro, and trail tires on the market.

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Tire design philosophy

Every component of the bicycle contributes to the way it rides. Tires, however, are the literal connection between a bike and the ground. And perhaps the most underrated element when it comes to the ways in which every inch of terrain is experienced and reacted to by the bike and rider.

e*thirteen tire design

Our foray into the tire world began in 2016, with an effort to create something light and strong, with unrivaled grip. The quest for a pattern that limits rolling resistance and increases cornering stability has the our team continually finding ways to innovate and improve our tires.

e*thirteen tire rubber

Manufacturing insights

After extensive research and testing e*thirteen landed our manufacturing operations in Thailand, thanks to a compound developed by the rubber originally designed for the underground moped drag racing scene there. The slow rebounding rubber needed only a slight tweak in chemistry to be adapted for ideal performance on trails around the world.

e*thirteen tire manufacturing process

e*thirteen tires

Watch the full video above to learn about the amazing people and process behind our tire manufacturing.

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