TRS+ 2x Seatpost Lever

TRS+ 2x Seatpost Lever

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Few products have changed mountain biking like the dropper post.

All the work we put into the post would be lost if it wasn’t activated by a fantastic lever.

Designed to be lighter, cheaper, and more compact than our standard 1x Lever, this 2x lever is a compact and super lightweight bar-mounted, thumb activated lever for your cable actuated seatpost (preferably ours).

The cable is clamped at the lever, allowing for easy set-up and adjustment as well as simplified removal of the post for travel or repair.

What's in the box: 2x lever, noodle with ferrules, and e*thirteen barrel adjuster

Tech Info

  • Seatpost Troubleshooting Guide
  • FAQ
  • Exploded diagram and service parts
  • Length specs and frame fit
  • How-to guides
  • User Manual
  • "warranty
    Guaranteed to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years after original purchase.





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    Product Spec

    Works with any cable-actuated seatpost
    Thumb actuated paddle, bar clamp mount