TRS+ Seatpost Refresh Kit for 125/150mm Dropper


The full internal rebuild kit for your TRS+ Seatpost. This kit includes everything inside your post. Clamp and lever parts sold separately.

TRS post has been discontinued but service parts are still available.

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The V10-14 kits work with both 125mm and 150mm seatposts

The V15 kit works with 125, 150 and 170mm seatposts
Cam, cam spring, ball bearings (x10), spoke for 150mm, spoke for 125mm, cable puller, set screw, bushings (x3), bushing O-ring (x2), inner tube bushing, seatpost keys (x6), pillar flange, pillar bolt (x4), pillar shim, ball bearing, cable anchor olive.

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