LG1 7 Speed Integrated Cassette

LG1 7 Speed Integrated Cassette


By integrating the driver into the cassette itself, we were able to eliminate approximately 12mm of unused space between the cassette and the hub flange, creating a near-dishless wheel that's stronger than competitor wheelsets by a longshot.

*Note: Our 7 Speed Cassette works with 10 and 11 speed chains from both Shimano™ and SRAM™.

Offering 266% range, this cassette is a factory replacement for all LG1 wheelsets that have the integrated 7 speed cassette. The -24 cassette is machined from a single piece of steel and nickel plated for durability. Our industry exclusive 9t cog allows for more range without just making the biggest cog bigger. It also means you can run a smaller chainring than with competitor cassettes, allowing for greater ground clearance.
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Only compatible with e*thirteen LG1 7 speed specific Downhill hubs.

Our 7 Speed Cassette works with 10 and 11 speed chains from both Shimano™ and SRAM™

Please reference our hub compatibility article to ensure the e*thirteen cassette will work on the hub you have before purchase.

6 Degree Engagement
The only way to eliminate the typically unused space between the cassette and the hub flange was to combine the freehub and the cassette into one piece. The 21t gear of the cassette is aluminum and contains the freehub, while the last 6 cogs machined from a single steel piece.
Freehub Mount
Integrated Driver
LG1 7spd Downhill
Cassette/Driver with Pawls and Springs, Dust Seal and Grease Packet
Nickel plated Steel
9-24: 200g

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