Quick Fill Plasma Valve


Game changer!

The Quick Fill Plasma Valve connects directly with the sealant bottle tube for direct injection after mounting the tire, resulting in mess free installation. The Valve allows riders to add sealant without breaking the tire bead, and without the need for tools!

Other Key Features:
  • Resists build up and prevents sealant from clogging and congealing at the valve. No more sticky mess!
  • Oversized stem allows for high volume flow, ease of inflation, and pressure adjustment.
  • Two-piece body and removable valve enables easy cleaning to maintain optimal performance.
  • CNC machined. Aluminum construction.
  • 4 anodized colors available: Black, Eggplant, Naranja, Bronze.
  • Available in 2 lengths to accommodate most rim profiles.
  • Intergalactic coming soon!

 Add sealant and tape to your order and save!

Watch the Tubeless Tire Maintenance Made Easy with Aaron Gwin.
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Product Spec

Black, Eggplant, Naranja, Bronze, Intergalactic
Tubeless valve x2
Short stem: 16-24mm (for use on all e*thirteen LG1/TRS rims)

Long stem: 23-31mm (e*thirteen XCX Rims)

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