Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

A letter from Greg Thrash

Update - 8/1/2020

I wanted to give an update on our situation and the results of this little fundraiser. As of now, like many other businesses in our area we have resumed some limited operations in our office, while maintaining social distance and mask-wearing. This is pretty easy since there's only three of us located here at present, and our desks were already scattered around the space.

For those of you who have used the discount to date, let me say thank you! So far we have raised more than $1700 for COTS!

We will run the code through the remainder of the year, thanks for reading and for you participation!

Original Post - dated 4/4/2020:

e*thirteen’s USA headquarters is located in Petaluma, California. The current headcount is one: mine, plus one fuzzy, unruly dog. As with so many small businesses, we have directed our employees to work from home as instructed by the health department of Sonoma County for the duration of our shelter in place directive.

Poppy the unruly Labradoodle

e*thirteen is an international affair with two offices in California (Petaluma and San Luis Obispo), Taichung, Taiwan, Traunstein, Germany, and Vancouver, Canada. There are only 35 of us in total - we cast a wide but thin net. 

Petaluma is a charming town of sixty-thousand, the gateway to Sonoma County wine country, and the former egg capital of the world. Petaluma is known for its mild climate, its history of arm-wrestling, and its cameo in American Graffiti. We are due north of Marin County where mountain biking was invented(!), and Petaluma is the birthplace of Salsa Cycles, White Industries, Soulcraft and a host of others.

Like so many towns in America, we also have a tragically large and highly visible homeless population. 

Two days ago at lunch I bundled up and headed out of the office on my cross bike. As I crossed town, I passed the COTS Mary Isaac Center, a local charity devoted to serving the homeless in Sonoma County. Several groups of two and three huddled on the sidewalks around the entrance, to generate a little warmth by their company against the cold snap in the weather.

As I rode by, I considered my good fortune to “shelter in place” in my warm house, in the company of my family. I spent the ride meditating on this thought, and by the time I returned to the office I had resolved that crisis be damned, e*thirteen should do something for these people - these vulnerable people, who are living on the street, for whom a coronavirus infection could equal a death sentence.

To my point: we’re committing e*thirteen to reach out and help people during this crisis, and I’d like to encourage you to do the same. If you want or need any of the products we make, please use the code CORONASHELTER for your purchase. You will receive 15% off the price of your purchase, and we will donate 15% of the sale to COTS Mary Isaac Center.

COTS Mary Isaac Center

If you’d prefer to donate directly to COTS Mary Isaac Center, you can do so here: The Fund for COTS 

If you live in a different place on earth where homeless people exist, I’d encourage you to consider their well being and reach out and make a donation in your local community. Homeless Shelter Directory can help you find one.

Thanks for reading.


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